BSFBC Counseling Center

The mission of BSFBC Counseling Center is to provide the community with a full service of counseling, mental health and spiritual support. Our purpose is to help clients achieve their goals and educate them through the counseling process. We believe that supporting clients with a spiritual, psychological, social and biological model of counseling allows for the clients to examine their lives fully. This wholeness counseling can provide clients with the skills to achieve a more productive and satisfying life.

To be truly and completely healthy, everyone should strive to be as physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, relationally and spiritually healthy as they can possibly be. At the BSFBC Counseling Center, it is our goal to help you achieve that complete healthiness in all of these areas. We can work with your doctors, trainers, educators and other professionals to help you achieve your goals.

Meet Our Team:

  • Kevin Cooksey


  • Meredith Yoder

    NCCA Pastoral Counselor

    MA in Biblical Counseling